How do I pay with ePassi or

To pay using ePassi or do the following: Write "want to pay using ePassi/" in the comment field of your registration. Send an email to and let us know you want to use ePassi or for payment. In the email provide: Name of the Course, Registration reference number (i.e. the code you received after registration formatted like R1234567), your "personnummer"

My phone or address is wrong. How do I change it?

We use registration services provided by To change your phone, address etc. you need to log in to To retrieve your login credentials you should provide the email you used when signing up to events. Go to and read the instructions.

I would like to book a private dance lesson, what shall I do?

Contact us and write what dance style you are interested in and what are your dance skills - are you a beginner or are you interested to book a dance lesson at a higher level (Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced). Write if you want to take one or several lessons (i.e. a package of several dance lessons); if you come by yourself or with a dance partner and if you have your own place for dance (at home, your own studio etc) or need help with booking a dance studio. We will come back to you with more accurate price suggestions and names of available instructors. Private lessons cost from 600 SEK per hour.

How do I pay?

Payment for courses and events is done using Swedish Bankgiro # 239-2538 (Swedbank). Social events can also be paid for using Swish (123 538 37 16). Please provide the OCR number you received in the acceptance email. If you can not pay by Bankgiro or Swish, e.g. if you only have a non-Swedish bank account, please contact and we will figure out another option.

I am a student, can I get a discount?

Most of courses are discounted for students. Read the details in the course description. You must be able to present a valid student ID at the first class to receive the discount. Enter STUDENT as the booking discount code when registering.

I was put on waiting-list. What does that mean?

You can be placed are on waiting list for a number of reasons. 1. The minimum number of participants has not been reached, 2. You do not meet age restriction. 3. If it is a partner dance and there is an unbalance between leader & follower, 4. You have not paid another course after being reminded, 5. The maximum number of participants has been reached and the course is full. Once requirements are fulfilled you will automatically be moved from waiting-list to approved. At that time all discounts will be calculated and you will get another email with information about acceptance and payment. Contact your instructor if you need more information.

Can I get a receipt?

When we register your payment a receipt will automatically be sent by email. If you have any questions contact

My course/event was cancelled. What happens now?

If a course/event is cancelled and you already made payment you will receive a refund. Your refund will automatically be placed as credit for use when paying for other events. If you would like to be re-paid please send bank account information to

Do I have to register as a couple?

No, registration to our partner-dance courses and events can be as a leader, follower or pair. We balance the course/event between leaders and followers in turn. However, if you register as a pair you will be accepted as a couple and do not have to be on a waiting list.

We signed-up as a couple. Do we have to dance with others on the course?

Under normal circumstances, we strongly recommend all participants on our pair-dance courses to be part of the rotation we make during our classes. This will help you to learn more quickly and prepare you for social dancing. If there are special requests for not rotating we will take it into consideration and explain to the group.

Is it possible to try a class before registering to a complete course?

We offer the possibility to try our dance and rhythm classes at a free "Open House" dance-day before each semester. If you can not attend this free dance-day contact the instructors of the course you are interested in to inquire about your any possibility of trying a class before registering. Note that if the course is full or if there is an imbalance between leaders and followers you may not be offered a place on the course. If you choose not to register to the course you need to pay for the class you attended.

Are the socials and practice for everyone or just students?

They are for everyone. Welcome!

What language is used by the instructor?

All our instructors speak Swedish and/or English. Courses and events with students not speaking Swedish will be held in English. If the instructor does not speak Swedish the course/event will be held in English.

Is it possible to change course if I discover it is on the wrong level?

We try to accommodate requests for change of course but it is not always possible depending on the number of participants and balance between leaders and followers. You should carefully read the course and level descriptions before registering and if you are unsure about levels please contact the instructors for the courses you are interested in.

I can not attend all classes in the course. Can I get a refund?

No, you registered for a full course and your place can not be re-sold to someone else.

I missed the first class of the course. Am I totally lost now?

Absolutely not. We always repeat the steps and moves we teach and you can always ask the instructors for some extra help/tips.

I need to cancel my registration, what should I do?

Contact your instructor to request cancellation. Your request applies to the remaining lessons based on the date of your request. When you registered you also accepted the Terms & Conditions for the course/event. Depending on when you request a cancellation, you are entitled to get a part of the course/event fee refunded but you are also required to pay any cancellation fees. In general, the earlier you request cancellation the less the cancellation fee. When you cancel please send back account information to Read more about Terms and Conditions.

I am an instructor and want to learn more about Who do I contact?

Please contact us at

Can I publish my dance event on your facebook page?

No, our facebook page are only for our members. There are also a lot of other dance-style specific facebook pages for Linköping region you can post you event on.