Dansarna.se is a non-profit organisation established in the autumn of 2006. The goal is to encourage and stimulate interest in all dance styles in the Linköping region. This is achieved by providing a website and social media (Facebook, Instagram) filled with information about dance, about existing dance companies/instructors, informing and increasing awareness of dance events, educating our member instructors, and offering events and courses.

The members of Dansarna.se (instructors) have continuously increased the number of dance styles available in Linköping. Currently, Dansarna.se have approx. Twenty active instructors representing approx. 15 different dance styles.

Dansarna.se supports its members with marketing activities and equipment, including print, newsletters, Webb and social media. Dansarna also support registration, economy and other administration of courses, events etc.

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Board 2024

  • Chair: Marcus Andersson
  • Vice Chair: Jamie Senewiratne
  • Financial Officer: Marlene Wenngren
  • Member: Isabelle Almskoug
  • Member: Jakob Bjerkemo
  • Member: Patrik Szigeti
  • Substitute: Lisa Eklöf