Feminine Vibe is all about expressing yourself by performing sassy, "girly" or just cocky moves applied in your personal way. Read More

    Bachata is a sensual partner-dance from the Dominican Republic, and is characterized by sensual hip movements and a close embrace. Read More

    Kizomba is a partner-dance with its origin from Angolean Semba. This "african tango" is danced with a close embrace to a slow and strong suggestive base in the music. Read More

    West Coast Swing is a cool, funky, elegant, partner-dance full of improvisation. It originates from Lindy Hop but is constantly developed by new influences. Read More

    Salsa is a very popular and playful partner-dance with strong influences from Latin America. Salsa is danced all over the world and there are many different styles. Read More
  • YOGA

    Yoga is exercising your mind, body and soul in coherence. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Read More


Dansarna.se are instructors working together to promote dance and music in the region of Linköping. Our web-site, social-media (facebook) and participation in different events, posters etc. are our primary channels for promoting dance. We support instructors, dance companies, dance organizations in marketing of courses, workshops and dance events. On our web-site you will find information about different dance styles and current courses and events.

Central Locations

Dansarna.se rent Dance Studios, in central locations, with good dance floor, mirrors and changing rooms.

No Membership

Dansarna.se is an organization for instructors and no membership is required to attend any of our events.


Dansarna.se give up to 20% discount on regular price when registering early and if you are a student you will always get an additional 10% off.

Couple Registration Not Required

Dansarna.se does not require you to sign up as a couple. We balance leaders and followers and rotate partners during the course.

Even Couples

Dansarna.se partner-dance courses are balanced. If needed our instructors will bring support dancers to ensure everyone gets a partner.

Smaller Groups

Dansarna.se instructors aim to provide everyone with individual feedback. Therefore our classes are sized for optimal high-quality training.