Invite your friends and like us on Facebook and Instagram to help us promote dance in Linköping region. is a non-profit organisation established in the autumn of 2006. The goal is to encourage and stimulate interest in all styles of dance in the region of Linköping. This is achieved by providing a website and social media (Facebook, Instagram) filled with information about dance, inform about existing dance-companies/instructors, inform and increase awareness of dance events, educate our member instructors, offering events and courses. 

The members of (instructors) have continuously increased the number of different dance-styles available in Linköping. Currently, have approx. 20 active instructors representing approx. 15 different dance-styles and African Drums - Djembe. supports its members with marketing activities and materiel including print, newsletters, Webb and social media. Dansarna also support registration, economy and other administration of courses, events etc.

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Board 2023

  • Chair: Jamie Senewiratne
  • Vice Chair: Ingrid Södersten
  • Financial Officer: Desirée Persson
  • Member: Isabelle Almskoug
  • Member: Patrik Szigeti instructors offer a wide selection of dance courses on different levels. A course in African Drums - Djembe is also offered. The current selection of courses may vary depending on demand and availability of instructors and facilities. Spring- and fall-courses offered are 10 classes between 60-90 minutes each. Shorter courses are sometimes offered, e.g. summer/winter specials.

All classes at are conducted in appropriate facilities selected with focus on the best learning environment. This implies that all our facilities have mirrors and that the floor is suitable for dancing. does not use standard sport-halls for our classes.

Singles and Couples are both welcome to register for parter-dancing courses. Singles register as either Leader or Follower and the course instructor will accept the registrations in turn by balancing the group to get even couples. If you apply as a couple you will automatically be accepted and not placed on waiting lists. In partner-dance courses we always rotate and change partners.

The different dance-courses offer classes on different levels. In general, the following levels apply.

  • Beginners - Basic steps and the foundation for you continued dancing. No requirements.
  • Improvers - Builds on the basics and adds additional moves and details.
  • Intermediate - If you want to learn even more variations and challenging moves
  • Advanced - Advanced moves and some show-dance

Registration to a course is binding and you confirm the conditions when going through the registration process. Payment of the full amount must be made before the course starts. Apply to a course through this website by following the link to the course and go through the registration process.