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Salsa is a very popular and playful social partner-dance with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. Salsa is danced all over the world, and there are many different styles.

In salsa a dancer shifts their weight by stepping, the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the weight changes. Weight shifts cause the hips to move. Arm and shoulder movements are also incorporated. Arms are used by the "lead" dancer to communicate or signal the "follower," either in "open" or "closed" position. offers courses in LA Style Salsa (On-1 line-style), Salsa Cuban Style and Rueda de Casino which is Cuban style salsa danced in a circle with synchronized moves and change of partners.

All prices are per person. When registering as a couple, both participants will get unique registration with one OCR reference each for use when paying for the event.

Discounts: 20% Early Bird Discount for registration 14 days before start. 10% Student Discount with valid student ID (enter STUDENT as booking code on registration).
Discounts are calculated automatically and final price is shown on acceptance.

Age Start Day & time Price Venue Instructors    
Salsa Prova-på, Från 18 år
Lör 13.30-15.30 1 ggr. Start 10/6. Linköping's Dance Studio. Price 290:-.
Instructors Björn, Lana.
Från 18 år 10/6 Lör 13.30-15.30 1 ggr 290:- Linköping's Dance Studio Björn, Lana Direct Plats finns
LA Style Salsa
Salsa Cuban Style
Rueda de Casino