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Dancehall & Afrobeat

Are you the last one standing every Friday at the club and just want to continue dancing after the lights go out? Then this is a course for you! Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican music that originated in the late 1970s. The popularity of dancehall has spawned dance moves that help to make parties and stage performances more energetic. Many dance moves seen in hip hop videos are variations of dancehall dances. The dance is mainly developed on Jamaica in the street parties where the latest rhythms are played. Dancehall is a mix of different club steps with influences from African dance, Hip hop, and Latin dance, and also every person put their own flavour into it. offers Dancehall classes focusing on body isolation with an emphasis on hips and chest and at the same time learn variations of the basic / club steps of dancehall. We focus on leg and butt movements with the beautiful heavy reggae wobble that is mixed with influences of the weight in hip-hop.

All prices are per person. When registering as a couple, both participants will get unique registration with one OCR reference each for use when paying for the event.

Discounts: 20% Early Bird Discount for registration 14 days before start. 10% Student Discount with valid student ID (enter STUDENT as booking code on registration).
Discounts are calculated automatically and final price is shown on acceptance.

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