Contemporary Dance - Workshop

Come and join us in the contemporary dance workshop!

The aim of this workshop is to have fun and just to .

Contemporary dance is all about making new discoveries ,just how far you can push your body to make new shapes to express your emotions with your dancing .learn basics and techniques

Learn a contemporary routine and release your energy dancing contemporary.

The workshop will be held in English.


Startdatum söndag 20 jan 2019 11:00
Slutdatum söndag 20 jan 2019 12:30
Pris 150 SEK
Studentrabatt 10%
Längd 90 min
Min Antal 12
Instruktörer Khaled and Mariam
Dansens Hus
S:t Persgatan 7, 582 28 Linköping, Sverige
Dansens Hus
150 SEK 14
Mihwar dance studio
Memory from paper
Contemporary Performance