Book an instructor instructors offer private lessons and classes for different events such as birthdays, company events etc. Please make your request/query early to increase the chances that we can find an available instructor for the dates you are interested in.

The following are examples of events:

  • Rueda de Casino show at Linköpings Universitet IFM staff event
  • Salsa LA Style show and Rueda de Casino class at Sturefors congregation event
  • Private Salsa Cuban Style class as a surprise birthday party for 2 couples.
  • Bachata class at a 50-year birthday party
  • All day event with Bachata, Rueda de Casino. African Dance and Yoga for 50 persons
  • Dancehall before a girls-night-out
  • Belly Dance for Bachelorette party
  • Salsa for Company event with Mexican theme