Friend Discount

Recruit a new student for the spring semester courses and you both will get 25% discount.

Only applies if you attended a course at Dansarna in 2018 and for a friend of yours that did not attend a course at Dansarna during 2018!

You do not have to register to the same course in order to get this discount.

Do like this:

When both of you register, write in the notes that you want to use the "Friend Discount". Also put the name of your friend. 

Normally we do not give discount after registration, but if you will find a friend after you registered, both of you can just send us an e-mail and apply for the "Friend Discount". In the e-mail write which courses you registered for and the name of your respective friend.


If you received "Friend Discount" and one of you cancel your registration, the other one needs to pay the course in full.
Diffrent discounts can not be combined, i.e. the Friend Discount is on the standard price of the course and can not be combined with early-bird or student discounts.
The discount is not applicable for private lessons or for workshops.