Yoga and Jazz music

Breathe and move! 

Relax and find your center at a special yoga workshop with jazz music. This workshop is focused on linking your breath body connection. Jazz music will accompany you, to create a moment. Yes! Jazz is the music of the moment. 

A moment when you can sense your body and calm yourself down. Follow what your body needs, repress any expectations, let go of all the perfections and move with the flow. This class is carefully curated in sequence, accompanied by jazz music to create an ambience that brings you to the spontaneity of the moment. Let's experience the energy and magic of jazz music in yoga. Explore your body, breathe and let yourself feel, allow yourself to move. 

"There is no past, no future - everything flows in eternal present" (James Joyce) 

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat*, then get ready to explore yourself. 

It is a small group class with maximum 10 participants.

*yoga mat is also available in the studio

Event Properties

Event Date Friday 9 Nov 2018 17:00
Event End Date Friday 9 Nov 2018 18:15
Individual Price 200 SEK
Student Discount 10%
Length 75 minutes
Min Participants 6
Instructors Hestu Rahmayani
Linköping's Dance Studio
S:t Larsgatan 39
Linköping's Dance Studio
200 SEK 1
Advanced Hatha Yoga
Sun Salutation
Beginner Yoga