Salsa Cuban Intermediate (level 3)

This new course is on level 3, but contain to approx. 70% moves etc. from the course "Salsa cuban 2+".

In this course we will focus more on the feeling of "dancing with the whole body". Dance is much more than foot placement, hand movements and tours. By increasing our understanding of the origin of the Cuban Salsa, the dances rumba and son, we bring in life and feeling in our dance.

We will also focus more on the expression, how it looks when we dance. This by focusing style and styling. It should look nice and you will be able to find styles and expressions that suits you. We will therefore work a bit with a choreography. Because we know what to expect, we can also focus more on the details that give a more beautiful expression.

For those who have taken courses by us before, you know that we prefer to learn a basic tour and then the most variations on this. The follower should not know what will happen next. This is our way of exercising and ensuring that the follower really follows and the driver for. But it is also a way to create an exciting variation in dance with small means.

The joy we should not forget, it is very central in the Cuban salsa. The joy of you and your dance partner is one of the most important "receipts" of a successful dance. We hope this course will be as joyful as the continuation and beginners course we just used.

Event Properties

Event Date Tuesday 5 Feb 2019 19:00
Event End Date Tuesday 9 Apr 2019 20:15
Individual Price 1 000 SEK
Student Discount 10%
Length 10 x 75 min
Min Participants 12
Instructors Maria och Patrik
Folkungahallen Aerobicsal övre plan
Folkungagatan 20, 582 35 Linköping, Sverige
Folkungahallen Aerobicsal övre plan
1 000 SEK 19
LA Style Salsa
Salsa Cuban Style
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