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Oriental Dance

Oriental dance has roots from Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and India. Oriental dance is a sort of dance where you sway your hip, roll your torso, and articulate isolations employed in a range of dynamic and emotional expressions. We will focus mostly on movements of individual parts of the body with a less focus on the foot steps. Arms and hands moves freely. The most important thing in belly dance is for you to have strength and control in the belly area.

Oriental Dance Beginners
Oriental Dance Beginners - All beginners oriental/belly dance classes cover the same core technique, regardless of the instructor. This way everyone starts with the same strong foundation and can move up to any style of oriental/belly dance on improvers level. Start with beginners choreography class. Learn muscle control and fluidity while toning the abdomen, encouraging good posture and gaining confidence. In the beginners class you will learn the basic movements and isolation as well as the posture and the styling of belly dance and you don't need previous dance experience. You will learn several moves and put them in sequence to form one simple dance.
Oriental Dance Class
Kouki Belly Dance
Oriental Dance Mix