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Kizomba Beginners (Level 1)

Kizomba is a couple dance in close embrace, and originates from Angola in Africa. The dance is sometime refered to as the ”African tango”. Simplified, kizomba consists of two different styles, the traditional one and the more modern ”urban style”, with its more ”show of” moves. However, the basic steps are more or less the same independent of style, and therefore this course suits everyone, despite preferences in style.

Kizomba beginners are a course for those who never taken a step in kizomba before or only participated in some single events, However, it happens that people that has already taken the course returns, to get a better foundation of the basics, something necessary for being able to lead and follow the more advanced moves. During this course we focus on the basic steps, poisture, leading and following, as well as balance and dissociation.

We will in this course focus the basic steps “basic 1-3” and provides a myriad of variations of these. Then a more challenging step (however looks easy) “saida”, the leaders/followers (men/ladys) exit is introduced. Continuaslly we also challenge the dance playing a bit with the tempo in order to challenge our ears and bodies for increased musicality in the dance.

Kizomba looks easy at first but is a more advanced dance when it comes to the importance of details in e.g. leading and following. The course often attracts people with previous dance experience, such as fox and bachata.

The course will be held in swedish, but can use english if needed.

Event Properties

Discounted Price 560 SEK (Until 29 Apr 2020)
Event Date Wednesday 13 May 2020 18:00
Event End Date Wednesday 3 Jun 2020 20:00
Original Price 700 SEK
Student Discount 10% STUDENT discount
Length 4 x 120 min
Min Participants 14
Instructors Maria Björklund
Linköping's Dance Studio
S:t Larsgatan 39
Linköping's Dance Studio
700 SEK 21
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