Azeri Dance

Azerbaijani folk dances are very colorful from the viewpoint of themes and these types are – labor, ceremony, household, heroism, sport, chorus game (e.g. “Yallı”, “Halay”) etc. For terms of continuation, richness of the rituals and colorful the marriage ceremony is most important.

Azerbaijani folk dance as a rule consists of 3 parts: the 1st part is speedy, dance on circle; the 2nd part is lyrical, as if the dancer frees on spot (“dances slowly”), the body is sharp and is strong and proud; the 3rd part – again dance on circle, ceremonial and with big emotional ardour.

The dances of male and female differ from each other but these days women can dance as male as well. The development of female dance is conditioned with costumer: long skirt defined the tender movement of feet, the dance is focused entirely on used technique of upper parts of arm and corpse (shoulder, head, mimics of face etc). Today female wear short skirt as well for dancing like men by technique of feet. The main feature of male dance is technique of feet. The dancer stands quickly on the tiptoe, and goes down ion knees, etc.

The musical pace of Azerbaijani dances is – 6/8 and 3/4. Dances are mainly performed by folk dance people dances: the trio of zournas (2 zourna və sazanda trios), these dances are accompanied by (tar, kamancha) etc.

Azeri Dance
Azeri Performance
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